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SkyOx Aviators Oxygen 2 Person System

A must for long cross country flights up high. Oxygen also vastly improves your night vision at altitudes as low as 5000′. We rent new SkyOx systems that feature the latest oxymizer cannula. These are much more comfortable than the older style “on the lip” cannula. We rent the bottles out, but because the cannula is a sterile personal item we are only able to sell them.

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$70 per tank fill (no daily charge)
$30 each cannula

iPad with Foreflight and Stratus

The iPad has quickly become an essential item for many pilots. Our rental iPads come fully loaded with Foreflight, the best aviation app by a long margin. We include government IFR approach plates, low and high en-route, sectionals, and terminals for the entire southwest of the U.S., and if you need charts for other areas we’ll happily download those for you. The Stratos box is a clever unit that houses GPS and ADSB receivers. It networks over wi-fi to the iPad and receives the full suite of available ADS-B weather products: NEXRAD radar, METARs, TAFs, SIGMETs, AIRMETs, PIREPs, TFRs, and winds aloft. Having on board weather is very helpful on cross country flights, allowing you as PIC to make better informed decisions.

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$35 per day

Icom IC-A24 NavCom Transceiver

A handheld radio is very nice to have on long country flights, as a backup to your primary radio and for picking up ATIS or a clearance before starting up. The IC-A24 also functions as a backup navigation device – tune a VOR and you will get a CDI with radial and to/from on the radio display. Comes with breakout leads for hooking up your headset directly to the radio.

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$20 per day

Bose A20 ANR headset

ANR makes a huge difference in the cockpit – radio calls are much clearer and noise fatigue is no longer an issue. If you have been thinking about taking the leap and purchasing an A20 set for yourself, rent ours for a flight so you can hear what an improvement these are over older technology.

$20 per day

David Clark H10 13.4 passive headset

David Clark headsets are the industry standard passive headset. Wherever there are aircraft, anywhere in the world, you’ll find David Clark headsets. A few of our David Clark headsets are also equipped with Oregon Aero upgrade kits – they make the headsets quieter and even more comfortable than when they left the factory.

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