Proteus Air Services

Leaseback Program

Fly For Less!

The Proteus leaseback program is ideal for aircraft owners looking to offset some of the cost of ownership. Leaseback is very straightforward: your aircraft is placed in our rental fleet and you are paid for every hour it flies. You still have full use of your aircraft – you simply reserve it through our online scheduling system whenever you want to fly. At the end of each month you will receive a statement detailing the hours your aircraft flew, maintenance expenses, and a check for the net income generated by your aircraft. Our leaseback program is month-to-month and may be cancelled at any time with 30 days notice.

Superior Aircraft Management

Another advantage to our leaseback program is our aircraft management service. We handle all the chores of maintaining your aircraft, all you do is show up and fly. We will organize scheduled maintenance and ensure service bulletins or A.D’s are complied with, keep all GPS databases and software revisions current, and have your aircraft professionally detailed every month to keep it looking its best. If you are like most owners of light piston aircraft, you probably fly for only a handful of hours every month. This leaves your cylinder walls susceptible to corrosion and makes it far less likely your engine will make it to TBO before needing an overhaul. By placing your aircraft in our rental fleet it will fly more often and your engine will be in better health for it.

Aircraft Wanted

We are looking for clean, well maintained aircraft to add to the Proteus fleet.
To discuss your leaseback options further, call us on 310 398 6929