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Mentor Pilots

Low-time pilots stepping up to flying more complex aircraft are sometimes required by their insurance company to have an experienced mentor pilot with them for a set number of hours before they can fly the aircraft by themselves. Others simply want the added safety of having a professional pilot in the right seat. In addition to a strong background in smaller GA aircraft, our mentor pilots all fly turboprops or jets professionally in Part 121 and Part 135 environments. Call or email us to discuss your specific needs for a mentor pilot.



We regularly faciliate aircraft acquisitions for our clients. There are many steps involved in purchasing an aircraft, some are very straight forward, others not so much. Our services include market research, price negotiation, prebuy inspection facilitation, maintenance log book audit, AD compliance audit, title and registration compliance, test flights, prebuy squawk resolution. Call us to discuss your specific aircraft aquisition needs.



We ferry aircraft all over the US, from 50 mile hops to transcons. We offer highly experienced ferry pilots, competitive day rates, detailed trip reports, and AOG support. Call us to discuss your specific aircraft ferry needs.



Having us manage your aircraft means you can just show up and fly without any of the hassles of ownership. Our standard management services include maintenance scheduling, squawk tracking, AD compliance, database updates, aircraft detailing and more. Please call us for more details.